Stop the High Cost of Evictions.

Maximize revenue with the most thorough screening in the industry.

What We Offer

ApproveShield provides in-depth tenant screening services that give time back to on-site teams, so they can focus on leasing, marketing, and retention. Our clients gain access to:

  • A database of ACCURATE rental performance data and up-to-date eviction filings.
  • Actionable insights and reporting to inform leasing decisions in a standardized, compliant way.
  • A tracking and reporting system that provides upper management with visibility into ongoing operations to ensure timely eviction filings.

What Does a Complete Applicant Screening Look Like?

Our ApproveShield Premier Reports Include:

  • Screening Worksheet
  • Equifax Report
  • Criminal Background Report
  • Proof of Income
  • Income and Employment Verification
  • Previous Addresses
  • Rental History Verification

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Make ApproveShield Your Standard Process!

Try ApproveShield Premier for your next lease-up and fill every unit with truly qualified tenants. Or, turn around a faltering property by helping your team make smart, compliant decisions starting now.

  • Implement a screening routine that is fast and thorough with no skipped steps.
  • Reduce the number of "judgement calls" required in applicant selection.
  • Configure the system to account for specific risk factors and selection criteria for each property.
  • Promote compliance with FCRA and Fair Housing regulations with a transparent, unbiased applicant screening process.

The ApproveShield system is easy to learn and simple to use, giving agents more time for leasing & marketing—and improving the tenant experience.

Enjoy Our Simple Pricing Plan

ApproveShield Premier Pricing $89/per Screen

Premier Screening is our full-service lease qualification program. The screening price covers our thorough investigative background check and all the other items in our report along with our data-driven recommendations on applicant risk. This is the preferred solution for properties that are ready to streamline and tighten up their screening process, reclaiming the maximum amount of revenue by stopping the eviction problem at the source.

ApproveShield Data Access Pricing

Our community database is continuously updated to provide the most current information to our clients. This self-service platform provides key information on risk factors and helps track evictions.

  • Search database for recent evictions (results show up as soon as 24 hours after filing).
  • Match applicants to list of known fraudulent applicants.
  • Validate SSNs, find previous addresses, and check for lease violations.
  • Access insights via dashboard or receive a monthly email report.

Use Data Access to keep your vendors honest and reduce bad debt!

If your eviction filing service is taking 10+ days to go to the courthouse with eviction paperwork for one of your sites, that’s a lot of additional unpaid rent that could have been avoided. Regional managers love using our database to hold their vendors accountable for timely filings.

Your Price:

Enjoy Data Access for one low monthly fee of $150/month for court costs and about a dollar a month per unit.

Special Pricing:

Choose Premier screening, and your monthly court cost fee is waived!

Calculate Your Savings:

Average Rent:

Average Monthly Skips/Evictions:

Average Monthly Leases:

Net Monthly Leases:

Your Screening Today

ApproveShield Premier

Price per Screen:

Cost of Screening:

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Savings: Money back in your pocket!

* Bad Debt - 2 Mo.s Rent

Ready to see it in action? Request a demo or contact our team to implement ApproveShield at your properties.

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