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It's Time for Screening That Works

Every leasing office has a screening process to weed out unqualified, high-risk applicants.
So why is lost revenue from evictions still a multi-million dollar problem across the leasing industry?

Because common screening methods don't address the underlying problems:
  • Data:

    Leasing agents and property managers don't have access to current and complete information to make decisions.

  • Workload:

    Agents are busy and key investigative steps get skipped in the rush to fill units.

  • Processes:

    Continuous improvement can't happen without smart tools and actionable reporting.

ApproveShield has created the only comprehensive solution that resolves these practical issues.

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What's Different about ApproveShield?

Our ApproveShield Premier Reports Include:

  • ApproveShield identifies recently evicted tenants by finding eviction filings as soon as they occur, instead of relying on databases that only show filings after a 30 to 60-day lag time.
  • Our system catches ID fraud, ensuring that applicants are who they claim to be and preventing later problems with non-payment and eviction.
  • To support legal compliance and fairness, our process verifies criminal background checks to weed out mismatched records and determine the most recent disposition of cases.

Compare Our Solution:

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Multi-Family Leasing Benefits Everyone

  • Leasing Agents:

    ApproveShield Premier is truly full-service, reducing the workload for leasing agents and making sure no steps are skipped.

  • Property Managers:

    Our searchable community database of lease violations gives landlords even more current data to drive smart decisions.

  • Regional Managers:

    Standardized processes and online reporting help regional managers improve operations across multiple properties.

  • Property Owners:

    Through consistent screening of all new applicants, our clients can change the tenant profile for an entire property in 12 months, increasing the real estate value for asset owners.

  • Applicants & Tenants:

    Communities are filled with reliable, trustworthy people and on-site teams can focus more time on keeping them happy.

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Turn Around Your Poorly Performing Properties Now

These avoidable revenue losses hurt property values while negatively impacting budget management and performance bonuses. ApproveShield specializes in turning at-risk properties into high-performing ones by providing reliable recommendations for leasing decisions. Learn how our national partner slashed eviction rates by making one simple change in their screening process.

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