ApproveShield: Setting a Higher Standard

Creating the "new normal" for screening in multifamily leasing.

About Us

ApproveShield provides full-service investigative screening for the multifamily leasing sector. We work with our clients to dramatically reduce eviction rates, improve the value of multifamily assets, and fill communities with trustworthy and reliable neighbors.

As a technology and automation partner, our solution supports best practices without adding unnecessary complexity to the leasing process. Our accuracy is unmatched in the industry, catching ID fraud, recent evictions, and other risk factors that other screening systems don’t.

Our Vision

We envision a world where evictions are no longer seen as "the cost of doing business" for property owners and where leasing agents can reliably identify trustworthy and responsible tenants to build strong, happy communities.

Our Mission

We are committed to changing the way the multifamily leasing industry handles screening—raising the standard for reliability with the most accurate data, deep insight, and convenient service.

Our History

ApproveShield was founded in 2016 with the goal of combining technology and best practices to address the longstanding issues with incomplete applicant screening that drive high eviction rates for at-risk properties. Our team has years of direct experience in the multifamily leasing industry, ensuring that our solution is aligned with the practical needs of agents and managers as well as the financial goals of property owners.

Message from the Founder

"The risk factors that make eviction likely are well-known. But evaluating and identifying high-risk applicants has always been a tedious process—and popular screening solutions don’t even come close to covering all the bases. Our goal is to deliver the full picture that makes leasing decisions simple, consistent, and profitable." -Damon McCall

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