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Evictions are NOT "the cost of doing business" in the leasing industry. We aim to prove it by taking eviction rates to an all-time low for our clients.

Who We Are

ApproveShield is a full-service screening solution that delivers outstanding accuracy and insight for the multifamily leasing sector. By combining near real-time data with investigative background checks, our service identifies high-risk applicants that other screening systems routinely miss.

The Benefits of Screening Done Right

At ApproveShield, we work diligently to improve market value for multifamily properties.

Properties that use our screening to qualify applicants:

  • Reduce default rate to less than .02%
  • Dramatically reduce eviction rates
  • Reliably increase monthly revenue
  • Decrease workload for leasing agents
  • Improve operational efficiency for managers
  • Transform tenant profile within 12 months

What Is Ineffective Screening Costing You?

Average Rent:

Average Monthly Skips/Evictions:

Average Monthly Leases:

Net Monthly Leases:

Your Screening Today

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Price per Screen:

Cost of Screening:

Lost Income: *


Savings: Money back in your pocket!

* Bad Debt - 2 Mo.s Rent

National Partner Sees Physical Eviction and Skip Rates Drop to Zero in 3rd Quarter

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Raise Your Standard for Applicant Screening

Catch the high-risk applicants that popular screening methods miss:

  • Fraud involving fake or stolen IDs and SS#s
  • Recent evictions and skips
  • Mismatches in criminal records
  • Inaccurate employment and income claims

What Our Clients Say:

ApproveShield: Protecting your property from the high cost of evictions.

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